#2: The Doors – Resurrection – Bootleg

As always, the download link is located at the bottom of the page.

Resurrection is a 2xLP put out on Paris Records by the French Fan Club of The Doors. It is an unofficial compilation of various live recordings of The Doors during their peak years: 1967-1969. This is a must listen for any fan of The Doors. You think you know the band, but you have no idea. The studio recordings in no way properly represent the band’s live performance.  The long improvisational versions of their songs contained on this record capture the essence of The Doors in all it’s uncensored and unedited spectacle. This is the true sound of The Doors.

This is a very rare record issued in 1985 as a limited pressing distributed to members of the French Fan Club: “Not For Sale”. The recording quality is not great since these are bootleg recordings. But as far as bootleg recordings go, they aren’t bad. The French Fan Club printed 500 copies on Black Vinyl, 100 on Clear and 100 on Green. The copy I have is on clear vinyl. I found it at Amoeba Records (Hollywood) mis-filed in the Dosh section. This is a very special record in my collection and it is the record that inspired me to create this blog.

Jim getting Hassled by the Police

This record has rare recordings that you can only hear by owning one of the 700 copies (until now). You will get a very clear idea of what it must have been like to see The Doors perform in their prime. Light My Fire appears three times on the record, twice as an afterward to the Celebration of the Lizard Poem. Musically, highlight of the album for me is the Mack the Knife/Alabama Song/Back Door Man medley. There are some incredible improvisations from all members of the band. You really get a feel for how Jim lead the band through the songs, they really are all reacting to his vocal improving, much like a shaman leads a trip. There are some fantastic hidden gems in these recordings.

Jim Mouthing Off. Ray stepping in.

The last track is also really special, it contains excerpts from the infamous 1969 Miami concert at Dinner Key Auditorium.  The record titles it Miami Rap Excerpts. This is a spliced recording of the tirade that ended with Jim purportedly exposing himself and getting arrested by Miami PD. You can hear the rest of the band’s frustration come through their instruments during Jim’s rant! The Coconut Grove venue hasn’t existed for quite some time, since it was converted into the Coconut Grove Convention Center, which is now the soundstage for the TV show Burn Notice. I can see the old venue very clearly from my window as I write this article. Very trippy.

Trippy Clear Vinyl

Take a trip back to 1969. Close your eyes and see The Doors live in concert. Visionary supplements recommended. Download Below!

Back Cover Detail (Left)

Back Cover Detail (Right)

Download Link:


15 Responses to “#2: The Doors – Resurrection – Bootleg”

  1. apollomemories73 Says:

    You have a re-issue. The original release was 1981, with pale-pink blank labels on black vinyl only. As per the original, I see that “Who Do You Love” is still credited to Matrix. This can’t be correct, and I don’t know where it’s from.

    • I’ve read that 500 were on black. 100 on green and 100 on clear. Whether only the black is first press or not I’m unsure of. What’s important to me is that this is now available for digital download. Thanks.

  2. Joe Solace Says:

    Thanks for sharing this rare album.It’s a great addition to the official live recordings.

  3. Can anyone tell me what this record would be worth. I have the black vinyl copy with” Paris 7-3-71 ARE2 BRE2 CRE2 DRE2″ printed on them. Thankyou

  4. I’d estimate around 20-50 depending on where you sell it. Apparently 500 black were made. 100 Clear. 100 Clear green.

  5. Dollars

  6. tim sutsli Says:

    It must be worth more than $50 if only 500 black vynils were produced, any one here know for sure.

  7. How much is the box bootleg set “No one here gets out alive”
    worth? Anything?

  8. i found this album to! very good!!

  9. this is a good album!! I also have a feast of friends!!

  10. I just picked up this vinyl at a local record show, but the labels are plain yellow and the records are black…the labels do not have any writing on them. I don’t know if that’s a good thing because I’ve only seen this record with white labels and “Resurrection” printed on them.

  11. I waited for hours on a street corner in Melbourne Australia to buy my copy in 1982 it was printed in 1980 paris. I also have a four LP bootleg of radio stories and interviews from around the same era that “no one here gets out alive” was published its just called the doors. Trade some beans for a pint of gold…..

  12. I bought mine for 8.50 on ebay…

  13. Jimmy Crackcorn Says:

    I remember this album in the early 80s before 85 for sure, and a few other bootlegs, back then it was the only way to hear the doors live. Great write up man

  14. Hi! Can someone explain to me why my Resurrection album has different names of the songs on each side? For example “The music ends” “Caravan in Spain”. Please. Thanks for your help!

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