#10: The Johnny Otis Show – Cold Shot – United

As always the download link is located at the bottom of the post.

I was listening to John Mayall play the blues when I heard the news,

Headlines read that Johnny Otis, the legendary band-leader and Los Angeles cultural icon, had passed. The newspapers called him “the Godfather of Rhythm and Blues” and told of his legacy of influence that he had on music. Reading about him, I learned all about this man and his strange life as a Greek-American who became an important figure in African-American music. By and large, young people today don’t know his name, but Johnny Otis’ legacy can’t be avoided. For one, he discovered many musicians and produced songs that we all know and love. More importantly (for me), he was the father of Shuggie Otis, the songwriter of Strawberry Letter 23 and teenage-virtuoso guitarist… just an incredible musician in his own right.  That’s how I came to learn about Johnny Otis: through the music of his son.

The album that I’m sharing here is called Cold Shot by The Johnny Otis Show feat. Mighty Mouth Evans and Shuggie Otis on guitar. It was originally released in 1969, but this copy is the United reissue from the 1970s. It’s a great blues album with some really fun songs featuring great production and, as mentioned before, the maestro guitar work of a 16-year old Shuggie Otis. Country Girl, Cold Shot, Sittin’ Here All Alone and Goin’ Back To LA are standout tracks for me. Just a really great album filled with tremendous amounts of heart and soul. I hope that you enjoy it.

In Honor of Johnny Otis : 1921 – 2012 :


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