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#7: Hedva & David – Looking Back – RCA (Japanese)

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Front Cover

What we have here is an Israeli pop-duo from the 70s singing familiar American tunes on a record released in Japan. A truly international record. A record that found it’s way across the world before falling into my grubby hands. A record inscribed with a personalized note from Hedva herself, yet was deemed worth only 5 dollars. What long-hidden secrets might this ring of black plastic contain? What sounds, like a genie lying dormant for years, may come forth when rubbed with an amplified stylus?


Hedva & David are Hedva Amrani and David Tal an Israeli vocal team who had their greatest success in Japan with their song “I Dream of Naomi”. This record finds them covering some great American pop-songs of the 1960s. It’s pretty great to hear these songs with the duo’s Israeli accents creeping in here and there. Hedva has some excellent vocal bits, which lend themselves to some creative sampling.

Overall, I think that this is the sort of album that is great for a little cheese to get a good chuckle at. I’m sure that Hedva and David have other records that are a better representation of their creative achievements. I would imagine that this isn’t on of their better records. That being said, it isn’t all that bad. In fact, on repeat listenings (yes, I have actually listened to this record close to 10 times now… oh the things I do for this blog!) many of these songs have grown on me. The duo’s take on the Cher song made popular by Nancy Sinatra made popular by Kill Bill, Bang Bang, is an obvious hit, opening up the album. I really like their version of Johnny Angel. Also, Hey Paula has some great vocal bits. I hope that you all enjoy. Oh and in case you are in the Los Angeles area, Hedva Amrani is your neighbor and has been performing solo as recently as a few months ago. Check out her website in the links below.


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