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#8 – Super Angels OST – Kitty Records

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As always, the download link is located near the bottom of the post.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here at Garbage and Gold we are not content with monotony. This is now the 8th record that has been offered up to the masses on this blog and I have decided to do something a little bit different this time. Don’t worry, an LP’s worth of great music is still headed your way, that much will never change. But being the sole contributor of this blog can be a lonesome affair, so for this post, I have asked some of my best friends to contribute their creative talents to the blog.

Front Cover

The LP that we are presenting today is called Japanese Super Angels, a musical record promising “120% Exciting Sounds”, “Fighting Stereo Recording” and “360 Degree Sound”. The songs contained are individualized Wrestler Theme Songs for fans of Women’s Wrestling All Japan or The Super Angels in the 1980s and 90s. It is a beautiful picture disc record that caught my eye one day misfiled in the Sound Effects section at Amoeba Music (Hollywood). I took it home expecting wrestling sound effects, I was pleasantly surprised. This record contains some of the grooviest 80s Rock-Jazz-Funk-Synth-Pop-Nintendo-Fusion jams that I have ever come across. They are driving, motivational and inspiring, perfect for the adolescent wrestling fans that this record was probably targeted toward. They are catchy as the flu, yet, I couldn’t find any other copies or digital versions of these songs anywhere! This is a perfect example of the type of record that I started this blog for. A hidden gem. Someone’s garbage sold for a couple dollars has become this record collector’s gold. When you download below, you can share my plunder. Go ahead, download it now. Throw it on. Then continue reading, we have a lot of good stuff for you!

Picture Disc

As I mentioned before, we have some great guest-writers that have contributed to this post. About half of the wrestlers profiled on this record have a short piece that accompany their information. In some cases this piece is a bio, in others the writers have taken their creative liberties to truly capture the essence of these modern gladiators.  Please take the time to download and read these pieces. The writers have worked hard on them so that you could get an extra laugh/cry as you enjoy this music, so please feel free to do so. I offer a sincere thank-you to these writers for taking the time to make this a better post. Further gratitude goes out to reddit users: EasternNinja (for so much information and real character bios) and dxn126 (for the song titles). I hope that you all enjoy the multimedia.

The Wrestlers

Here is a gallery of all the images of the wrestlers.

The Writings

Chigusa Nagayo by Mikey Bulanti

Jaguar Yokoda by Jason Katz

Lioness Asuka by Robert Sobel

Yukari Ohmori by Bunko Yamazaki (Anna Roth)

Yumi Ogura by Sam Eaton 

Dump Matsumoto by Greg Johnson

Devil Masami by Blake Gaines

Bull Nakano by Joey Halegua

Some Good Tag-Team Shit

The Music

Side 1:

  1. Super Angels
  2. Storm Rider (Chigusa Nagayo’s Theme)
  3. Explosion “Shinba! Yea! Asuka!” (Lioness Asuka’s Theme)
  4. Dirty Chains
  5. Magical Force (Yukari’s Ohmori’s Theme)
  6. Steel Heroine (Jaguar Yokoda’s Theme)

Side 2:

  1. Heat Up (Itsuki Yamazaki’s Theme)
  2. Prism Circus (Noriyo Tateno’s Theme)
  3. Sparkle (Yumi Ogura’s Theme)
  4. Purple Typhoon (Devil Masami’s Theme)
  5. Tower of Power (Jumbo Hori’s Theme)
  6. Lonely Eyes

Download Here

The Links

Bull Nakano Interview

Excellent Puroresu Resource

#7: Hedva & David – Looking Back – RCA (Japanese)

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As always, the download link is located at the bottom of the page.

Front Cover

What we have here is an Israeli pop-duo from the 70s singing familiar American tunes on a record released in Japan. A truly international record. A record that found it’s way across the world before falling into my grubby hands. A record inscribed with a personalized note from Hedva herself, yet was deemed worth only 5 dollars. What long-hidden secrets might this ring of black plastic contain? What sounds, like a genie lying dormant for years, may come forth when rubbed with an amplified stylus?


Hedva & David are Hedva Amrani and David Tal an Israeli vocal team who had their greatest success in Japan with their song “I Dream of Naomi”. This record finds them covering some great American pop-songs of the 1960s. It’s pretty great to hear these songs with the duo’s Israeli accents creeping in here and there. Hedva has some excellent vocal bits, which lend themselves to some creative sampling.

Overall, I think that this is the sort of album that is great for a little cheese to get a good chuckle at. I’m sure that Hedva and David have other records that are a better representation of their creative achievements. I would imagine that this isn’t on of their better records. That being said, it isn’t all that bad. In fact, on repeat listenings (yes, I have actually listened to this record close to 10 times now… oh the things I do for this blog!) many of these songs have grown on me. The duo’s take on the Cher song made popular by Nancy Sinatra made popular by Kill Bill, Bang Bang, is an obvious hit, opening up the album. I really like their version of Johnny Angel. Also, Hey Paula has some great vocal bits. I hope that you all enjoy. Oh and in case you are in the Los Angeles area, Hedva Amrani is your neighbor and has been performing solo as recently as a few months ago. Check out her website in the links below.


Track List


Another Blog posting about Hedva & David

Hedva’s Website

Hedva today talking about Arab/Israel history